"Law for better living": Putting law to the service of long-term solutions and improved social harmony.

EQUAL’s philosophy is that the law is alive and there for citizens. We are in close touch with our clients and their concerns and help them address the challenges of our society.

We don’t want to be the kind of lawyers who speak only in complex legalese. For us, the practice of law is about creating a better world. This is EQUAL’s hallmark.


Our values

In an ever-changing world, there is one thing we can be sure of: if we carry on doing things as we have always done them, we will get the same results.

Change starts with ourselves: in our daily lives, in the law and in our legal practice.

EQUAL plans to keep the best and the talent and reinvent the rest by developing new approaches and serving new clients, or even new kinds of clients.

  • Integrity

    Being honest. Showing ethics and honesty across our entire professional practice.

  • Conscientiousness

    Resolving conflict rather than reinforcing opposing views. Being at the service of life and living things. Making our openness a key principle in our day-to-day lives.

  • Freedom

    Taking responsibility for our choices. Establishing our own rules out of respect for ourselves and for others.

  • Moderation

    Not being burdened by the superfluous. Saying yes to what is essential and yes to a better world.

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