Public Law Specialists

Our approach

We have a specialist team at your service. We will work with you to find comprehensive solutions with a long-term perspective.

  • Working as a team

    Our belief is that our differences and our areas of specialisation complement each other, and that working as a team can deliver new and creative solutions.

  • Public law specialists

    We specialise in all areas of public law. We want our practice of the law to help improve the quality of life for our fellow citizens.

  • Cross-disciplinary approach

    The problems our clients face are complex. We are convinced that the best results are achieved by combining several different perspectives.

Do you have a project or any questions ?

Contact us by telephone +32 (0)2 899 98 00 or by mail We would be delighted to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

Areas of expertise

We offer comprehensive expertise across many fields of law. Our services are all-inclusive and go beyond just legal aspects.

  • Energy

    Energy-related issues are among the greatest challenges of our time. The EQUAL team offers our public and private clients a proven track record and a long-term perspective on these matters.

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  • Environment

    Concern for the environment is a key issue nowadays. It has become a matter of survival. EQUAL provides support to public and private clients by offering a long-term perspective in these matters.

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  • Law enforcement

    Law enforcement is omnipresent. Monitoring and sanctioning are needed whenever a policy gets shaped using legal rules. EQUAL provides support to public authorities, companies, NGO’s and private citizens in enforcement trajectories.

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  • Mobility

    Mobility is a crucial challenge nowadays. It is also a complex subject involving multiple legal dimensions. EQUAL seeks to open up dialogue with all interested parties to find the right solutions.

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  • Privacy and personnal data

    For all EU citizens, privacy and personnal data protection is a constitutional right, online as well as offline. The EQUAL team helps private structures and public authorities comply with EU regulations.

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  • Property and urban planning

    Town and country planning contributes to social harmony. Public and local authorities are key players in this sector in which we have worked for many years.

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  • Public economics and finance

    Public and para-public institutions play a critical role in economic development. Our team offers a comprehensive approach to these issues and provides support to all those involved in this field.

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  • Public health

    Guaranteeing quality of life! There is no doubt that both citizens and the authorities put public health at the forefront of their concerns. EQUAL aims to help all stakeholders to preserve and improve their quality of life.

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