Protecting the environment has become a matter of survival and of responsibility towards future generations. EQUAL provides support to public and private clients who wish to integrate their projects within the context of a more long-term perspective.

An expanding and wide-ranging practice

Environmental law only emerged as a field fairly recently. It stems from a growing awareness among the public of the need to achieve sustainable and responsible growth, and to minimise our ecological debt for future generations. Environmental law is a rapidly expanding sector, which evolves and diversifies in line with scientific, technical and social progress.

To respond to the challenges of tomorrow, environmental law incorporates protection and preservation of nature, rational management of resources, combating the impact of human activity and the waste it generates, as well as spatial planning and the conservation of cultural heritage.

Sustainable and pragmatic solutions

Environmental law requires research into global and wide-ranging solutions that are pragmatic and sustainable, effective in terms of both space and time. It implies striking a balance between present and future interests.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of environmental law, at EQUAL, we help our clients resolve environmental issues by helping them find solutions.