Property and urban planning

Spatial, urban and property planning are complex matters with a considerable impact on the lives of our fellow citizens and on their well-being.

Harmonious and rational use of our space

Urban planning requires collective needs to be taken into account in the development of land, all underpinned by a concern for sustainable development and the population’s social, environmental and economic issues. It requires in-depth knowledge of guidance tools (that set planning options for regional or local authorities) and planning tools (plans for regional or local planning with a graphic representation of the designation given to the different areas of our territory, along with specification documents) laid down by the authorities.

At EQUAL, we assist public authorities and private parties with drafting and implementing spatial planning tools.

Assisting with urban and property projects

We also assist a range of different economic operators with designing and successfully concluding projects compatible with the urban planning tools. We provide our clients with expertise in urban planning processes, as well as laws and regulations that govern or protect collective buildings and infrastructure (e.g. roads, wind power, telecommunications pylons) but also in civil law rules on property.

In case of a breach of urban planning rules or in cases of problems associated with a property project, we also assist our clients in the specific area of penalties, and represent them before civil and criminal courts.