Public economics and finance

Public authorities work on all fronts. They have to combine fulfilling their traditional roles with fulfilling their responsibilities in a globalised economy.

Multiple challenges

Their role is to regulate and reorganise markets, but they are also responsible for economic development and supporting growth; they act as a complement to the shortage of private initiative, they rescue companies in trouble and put in place anti-crisis measures.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, their responsibility has centred on rescuing the entire financial system. They also have to pave the way for energy transition and approve colossal investments in public infrastructure to respond to mobility and environmental challenges. These tasks have to be carried out within a context of public debt and unprecedented tax saturation.

New sources of financing must be found by forging strategic partnerships, including with private operators, restructuring public services, creating new operators, or even seeking the participation of users in infrastructure and public services.

Legal assistance to public authorities

The EQUAL team has a long history of assisting public authorities and their private partners across all fields. We have developed a cross-disciplinary approach to the issues that need to be addressed, which allows us to form a genuine strategic partnership with our clients.

All long-term legal solutions are born from an understanding of the underlying economic, financial, or even political and social issues. This is how we, at EQUAL, perceive economic and public-finance law.