Public administration and legal texts

In our complex society, public administration has become a systemic matter resulting from the joint activities of a multitude of authorities, bodies and legal mechanisms.

Public administration matters are the natural prerogative of government departments, administrative departments and local authorities. They also concern public services and more generally, all services in the public interest, as well as all people affected by this administration.

Any desire to introduce change, or simply any public policy, poses challenges of an institutional, public-administration or structural nature or even that of the most suitable legal instruments to use. Public law as a tool for the public good is itself a changing field of law. Decision-making has become fraught with very complex processes.

Balance and synergy

There are many needs for reform in Belgium, whether for starting innovative mobility or urban development projects, or resulting from the multiple constitutional reforms that affect different areas of the State.

They also require an understanding of the challenges for citizens and private operators, and the capacity to find a balance and synergy between the approaches of all the parties involved.

Administrative and public governance law

Public administration issues require vast, yet very specific, knowledge of administrative and general public law. At EQUAL, this is the thread that runs through all our activity, and our expertise sharpens with every case.

These matters also require intricate knowledge of the most recent public governance systems, in Belgium and abroad.

We help public authorities to transpose the reforms they plan to put in place into legislative and regulatory texts, from the time of their drafting by the administration, in government departments or other public entities, until their final adoption. We have the expertise required for this as well as a proven track record in legislative drafting.