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EQUAL ACADEMY is organizing its first 5 seminars...

Established by the members of the firm, Equal Academy is a place for sharing and dissemination that wishes to offer seminars, training, publications, events on all subjects making law accessible.

This will also be a tool for reflection and exchange of knowledge with partners of the firm and the public, with a constant concern of putting law to the service of living better together.

Newly formed, EQUAL ACADEMY, is organizing 5 seminars for better understanding the new law on public procurement.

Scheduled from May to November 2017, the 5 seminars, organized into half-days fenced off by a lunch, will address the many changes introduced by the new law: from the new decrees on transference and execution to the problem of social dumping, as well as negotiated procedures, the selection criteria or the famous DUME (Single European Market Document), among others.

These seminars, as well as all the other activities proposed by the Equal Academy, are the opportunity for the Equal firm lawyers to meet clients and partners to discuss useful legal topics, all while enjoying a lunch or dinner in a convivial atmosphere. In sum: to bring together the useful and enjoyable.

All useful information on the first 2 seminars are available at https://marches_publics_semina... and https://marches_publics_semina.... before the launch of a dedicated website, scheduled for mid-May.

Feel free to join us. You are welcome.

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