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A new website for EQUAL

We worked with Major Tom to create the EQUAL website. We will regularly publish news and articles to keep you abreast of the subjects on which we are working.

Our Areas of Expertise and Our Team

Through this site we primarily wanted to present our areas of expertise. EQUAL as a firm works in all areas of public law, which can sometimes appear to be an abstract concept.

By choosing to present our areas of expertise through 8 themes that are close to citizens, we aim to open up the world of law a little and show that, more than ever, public law is a living field with an impact on us all.

EQUAL is also a team. This is why we wanted to make the most of our site to introduce ourselves, as lawyers in our specialist areas but also as people.

A blog run by lawyers

As we mentioned above, the world of public law is alive, in constant flux and intricately linked to the major challenges of our society. Public law also plays a major role in social harmony.

It therefore seemed only logical to incorporate a blog into our site, in which to share our ideas and experience.

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EQUAL regularly publishes news and articles on our main areas of work.